Muganbank Cheque

About Muganbank Cheque

Date on which the decision on the cheque issue was made and name of the decision-making authority: 01 February 2016, the Supervisory Board of “Muganbank” OJSC

Type and form of the cheques: Certificated bearer cheques

Series of the cheques: MUG 005

Cheque number: 000001 – 200000

Quantity of the cheques: 200 000 (two hundredthousand) pcs.

Total issue size (in par value): 10.000.000 (ten million) manat

Par value per Cheque: 50 (fifty) manat

Par value of the cheques shall be paid in cash.

Tenor of  the cheques: 10 (ten) years from the date on which they are put into circulation.

Final maturity of the cheques: 730 (seven hundred thirty) days after the end of the tenor.

At placement of cheques the Issuer shall charge a fee at 1 (one) percent of the par value thereof within the first 15 (fifteen) days after the draw, 2 (two) percent within the second 15 (fifteen) days, and 3 (three) percent within the third 15 (fifteen) days. Repurchase of the cheques shall shall be made in par value.