Mastercard World Elite | MuganBank

Mastercard World Elite

These cards enable using the account and cash provided by the Bank, including credit in card account as personal finances. 

To this effect namely, “Muganbank” OJSC offers its clients the key products of “Visa International”, “Master Card” and "Union Pay" at new rates:

Cash withdrawal fee 

From Muganbank ATMs and offices 1%(min 0,8 AZN , 1 USD)
From ATMs and offices of other Azericard-serviced resident banks  1,5% (min 1,6 AZN; 2 USD; 2 EUR)
From ATMs of other non-resident banks 3% (min 5 AZN; 5 USD; 5 EUR )
For domestic retail transactions 0
For foreign retail transactions 0


Other fees

«Unique»-type transactions (gambling) 3% (min 5 AZN; 5 USD; 5 EUR)
 Payment of customs duties within the territory of Azerbaijan Republic 0,2%
Currency conversion fee 2% (foreign currency plastic cards, other foreign currency convertible -1%
PIN-Change service 1 AZN
Internet Banking 3 AZN
Mobile Banking free


Cash by code

Through Muganbank terminals (On-Us) 1.5%-min.1.30 AZN
Through Azericard-serviced terminals (Domestic) 2%-min. 2.10 AZN


Card to Card

Card to CardSenderReceiver
Any Debit or Credit card 0.7%,min.0.50 AZN 0%,min.0.50 AZN
Salary or Deposit card 0.2%,min.0.50 AZN 1.0%,min.0.50 AZN