Encashment | MuganBank


“Muganbank” OJSC offers corporate clients the in-house cash collection service facility, which covers the following set of services connected with circulation of available funds:

  • Clients' proceeds shipment;
  • Clients' proceeds conversion and receipts;
  • Pre-prepared ready cash delivery to clients' for payment of salary and other costs;
  • Valuable transportation to clients;

The Bank is in possession of the special vehicles accompanied with the armed guards of the Bank.
The qualified personnel of the Bank guarantees to the Client confidentiality, individual approach and reliability of the cash collection services.
Enterprise and organization servicing is carried out on a contractual basis. Valuable and cash means deliveries are made at a period of time agreed with a client. Cashing service tariffs are determined on the individual basis. However, free cashing is organized in case of withstanding customer relations or availability of daily round sums of proceeds deposited at the Bank.