MC Monexcard | MuganBank

MC Monexcard

Cash Disbursement  

ATMs and offices of the OJSC "Muganbank" 1% (min. 0.8 AZN, 1 USD)
From ATMs and offices of resident banks working with the network “Azericard”   1,5% (min1,6 AZN; 2 USD; 2 EUR)
From ATMs and offices of resident and other non-resident banks,
which are not included in the network "Azericard"
3% (min 5 AZN; 5 USD; 5 EUR)
For retail transactions 0


Other Commissions

Transactions of the type “ Unique ” (rates / mortgages) 3% (min.5 AZN; 5 USD; 5 EUR)
Payment of customs duties in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan 0.2%
Fee for converting funds to another currency 2% (conversion from a card with foreign currency to another foreign currency -1%)
PIN-Change   1 AZN
İnternet Banking 3 AZN
Mobile Banking free


Cash by code

From Muganbank terminals 1.5% -min.1.30 AZN
From Azericard terminals 2% min 2.10 AZN


Card to Card

Card to CardSenderRecipient
All debit or credit cards 0.7%, min.0.50 AZN 0%, min.0.50 AZN