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Express Money Transfers

One of the widely-used services of “Muganbank” OJSC is money transfers. This service enables you to solve the important issue at the right time. Through our money transfer service you can send your money to any bank worldwide.

Besides the interbank money transfers, there is also a special express money transfer system available. Using this system you will be able to send your money to receiver without opening a bank account.


"MONEX" express money transfer system was established in 2011. "MONEX" is a means of domestic and international money transfers between individuals. At present, "MONEX" services are available in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Nepal, China, Israel, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Since June of 2014, "MONEX" Account Transfers system has been activated.

Zolotaya Korona

The payment system «ЗолотаяКорона» is a set of popular, convenient and available financial services used by millons of people daily in Russia and near and far-abroad countries.

Western Union 

Western Union is the largest and leading instant money transfer system in the world. The system can be used to make money transfers anywhere in the world. Money is available for collection in only 5 minutes.


Contact – An international money transfer system. You can easily and instantly transfer money by using the simplified procedure of Contact money transfer system and its foreign partner network.