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PIN Change

For the convenience of cardholders, “AzeriCard” processing center introduced a new service of “PIN Change” through ATMs. The process of PIN change occurs as described below:

1. the client selects “PAYMENTS” in the ATM menu 
2. then selects “SERVICES” 
3. next “PIN CHANGE” is selected
4. in the opened window, the client enters new PIN
5. in the next window new PIN is confirmed by re-typing
6. in case of incorrect confirmation of new PIN, the following error will be displayed: “Sorry, but you have entered wrong PIN number”. In this case the client selects “PRESS HERE TO REENTER” and enters new PIN twice
• PIN change is carried out only at ATMs
• New PIN must consist of 4 digits
• There are no restrictions on the number of PIN change operation 
 It is not recommended to enter iterative (2222) numbers or 4 digits in a row (1234) as well as same PIN for several bank cards.
 Connection Rules